Build Your Own Witan Campsite

How Does it Work?

Download the Witan KISC template below and start creating your own Witan campsite! What will your campsite include? Trees? Tents? Fires...? What activities will your Witan have!? YOU DECIDE!

Once you've finished your campsite, make sure to send/tag us in your creation!

Download Witan Campsite Template

The Great SSAGO Meme Off

Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate SSAGO award? The 'Great SSAGO Meme Off' is your opportunity to leave your mark on SSAGO history!

How Does it Work?

You have from now until 11pm on the 12th of November 2020 to upload your best memes to the meme channel on the SSAGO Discord Server. We will then take the top 3 memes who get the most likes/reactions to our expert independent judges at UK Scout Humour who will crown the ultimate champion.

What's the Witan Meme Spork?

The Witan Meme Spork is one of the most prestigious awards you can earn within SSAGO awarded to SSAGO ultimate Meme Supremo. It was forged in the flames of our Phoenix mascot known as Youlbury as they rose from the ashes of Witan 2020 to be reborn as Witan 2021.

What's the SSAGO Discord?

The SSAGO Discord is a digital space where every member of SSAGO can socialise, chat, exchange ideas, play games and even share the odd meme! You can join by following the link below.

Join the SSAGO Discord

Visit the Meme Channel on Discord

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact