To help cover the cost of Witan, here are some ideas and suggestions for both Clubs and Indie Members.

Ideas for clubs:

Mini Fete or Christmas Market Stall

  • Make all the money at once by organising to sell goods at a local fete or Christmas market.
  • Create some unique gifts and food to sell or, 
  • Set-up interactive activities such as ‘stocks & sponge’ or a knot tying race where participants pay to have a go and come away with a prize if lucky.
  • A free to set-up option could be a jumble sale to make money from items you already own.

Cake Baking

  • Get cooking in the kitchen and create some SSAGO themed cakes and biscuits that you can sell at a cake sale.
  • Organise your own or ask to set up a stall at a local fete or university event.
  • Worth asking local Scout or Guide groups to let you use their hut to hold a cake sale.

Game Show Evening

  • Lots of TV game shows have their own board games or you could create your own version of shows such as ‘Pointless’ or ‘Countdown’.
  • Charge your friends and fellow students to play and win a prize.
  • DIY TV shows can be just as fun as board games and are cheaper to make!

Penny Games and Penny Mile

  • Relive the past and bring back the nostalgia of classic penny games, costing just a penny to play …
  • Designing the games may involve some DIY if wanting to keep set-up costs down.
  • Once all the money has been collected, laying the pennies down in a ‘mile’ is a great visual way to see how much has been raised.
  • Setting a target of a certain distance may encourage more generous donations to reach it.


  • Everyone loves to get competitive around a board game or video game.
  • Arrange a gaming evening and charge people entry to enjoy the classic board games or the newest video games.
  • If you’re able to supply the games yourselves this will make it cheaper.


  • If your club finds itself with more tents than people, then maybe renting some out to local scout/guide groups (or even members of the public) might be a way to generate some money from tents otherwise kept in storage.
  • Possibly harder to set-up, although a Facebook page might help attract people.
  • Could also offer to pitch the tents for them if you have to transport them.

Quiz Night

  • Organise a ‘pub-quiz’ style night with questions ranging from general knowledge and music to SSAGO themed rounds depending who your audience is.
  • Charge per team member and offer a prize in return for the winning team.
  • Could also run smaller games alongside the quiz for breaks between the rounds to earn a bit more money.

Ideas for Indies:

Christmas Cards

  • Design your own Christmas card sets, they could be linked to SSAGO or something else entirely as long as they are Christmassy!
  • Get them printed then sell them around your university or work place for a small price.
  • Proper planning of how many to produce can help ensure you don’t spend more than you will make selling.
  • Could also create present tags to sell with them.

Sell a day in a Calendar/Diary

  • Ask people to buy a day in a calendar for a £1.
  • This can be turned into a raffle where people can choose a day to buy for the chance to win a prize.
  • A bit like a ‘guess the name of the bear’ or ‘how many sweets in the jar’ type game.

Selling items at National Events or Local Scout & Guide Groups

  • If you’re creative and would like to take a break from studying, why not make something a bit different to sell at a rally or ball?
  • This could be woggles, friendship bracelets, keyrings etc. but with a SSAGO twist.
  • Charge a small price per item to cover the cost of making them and maybe postage if offering delivery too.
  • Putting items you create on Ebay could also increase sales and raise awareness.

Sponsored Events

  • Challenge yourself by going on a bike ride, long distance run or hike in a new place!
  • Ask people to sponsor you per mile that you complete or on completion of the whole challenge.
  • Pretty much any challenging activity can be turned into an opportunity for sponsorship.

Sponsored Fancy Dress Day & Competition

  • Go to uni or work in a fancy outfit and ask friends and family to sponsor you.
  • If attached to a Scout and Guide group you could arrange with the leaders for the section to have a non-uniform night or themed fancy dress night and charge £1 for the young people to dress-up.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas but for more suggestions follow these helpful links.

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