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SSAGO is going to Switzerland!

Join us for the ultimate SSAGO international adventure on the 8th - 16th of July 2020 at Kandersteg International Scout Centre for our next Witan! It’s a bit like a rally, but much longer and where student scout and guide members from all over the UK (and even the world!) meet up and camp together in another country.

You don’t have to be a UK student to attend Witan 2020. Any member of a student scout or guide university club is able to attend Witan. To join Witan 2020 as a non-UK group please contact us below and let us know the following:

  1. Which country and group you are from
  2. How many people want to attend from your group
  3. What you preferred option is from below

Option A

Camp with us and join in fully with our programme, catering and activities. This is recommended for smaller groups or individuals.

Cost: £450

Option B

Camp separately to us and join in with some of our programme. You will cater for yourself and sort out most of your own activities.

Cost: Get in Contact to Discuss

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Witan at a Glance

WHAT? Witan is an international trip where all of SSAGO goes and camps in another country.

WHEN? 8th - 16th July 2020

WHERE? Switzerland, staying at Kandersteg International Scout Centre

WHO? Any SSAGO member who is a member NOW or since February 2018!

WHY? To explore a new and beautiful country. To take part in an exciting programme including various adventurous, cultural, international, and Scouting and Guiding based activities. To make new international links and friends. To explore Scouting and Guiding history by visiting both the international homes of the International Scout Centre and Our Chalet.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact