Meet The Team

A Witan doesn't just happen, it takes a team of dedicated volunteers to organise. If you have any queries about Witan please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be more than happy to help you out. The whole team can be contacted via

Our team is always growing, so if you are interested in getting involved in the planning of Witan keep an eye on our get involved page where any opportunities will be promoted.

Witan Chair

Joshua Smith

Somehow after 5 years of chasing mascots, being gunged and sitting on committees I find myself organising a Witan!

I started my SSAGO adventure at Southampton University while studying physics. You may recognise from their obsession with hi-vis shorts. While there I was part of the team that organise our international trip to Hungary in 2015 where we even managed to almost bring everyone back! More recently you might recognise me from when I was your national SSAGO Chair for the past 2 years. Back then I was often dressed in pink running around a lot!

In 2017 we had another international trip to Kandersteg where I helped out with catering where I discovered how beautiful Kandersteg is and amazing the global Scouting and Guiding atmosphere was! What started as a mad idea around a campfire seems to have become a Witan taking all of SSAGO back to Kandersteg for my final SSAGO adventure.

Witan Treasurer

Ellissa Millard

Having been a member of Portsmouth SSAGO for three years I've enjoyed many rallies and am excited for the opportunity to take SSAGO abroad. My last international trip to Austria was as a Scout 8 years ago so think it's about time for another!

I was treasurer at Portsmouth for my second and third year, during which I helped organise two successful summer camps so have plenty of experience handling money.

As I've finished uni this year Witan would be a great way to celebrate the last three years at SSAGO and also engage new members.

Witan Logistics

Ethan Rose

Having lost to Lauren in the election for SSAGO Secretary in 2018, I thought it would be fun to try and lose her in Switzerland!

Unlike the rest of the committee, I don't have a pink hoodie, however I have been to nine countries with Scouting and made it back from all of them, so I know my way around Heathrow, and some countries that we're not going to. I was Chair of Portsmouth SSAGO for a year and managed to get my club to and from rallies without loosing anyone or anything, which I think makes me exceptionally qualified to take 100 SSAGOers to another country.

When I was asked "what would I like to get out of Witan?", I set my sights high, and said getting everyone to Switzerland and back, with all their stuff would be a good achievement.

If you get stuck at Heathrow, please don't hate me!

Witan Activities

Lauren Whittaker

Whether you remember me from rallies, Southampton, Glasgow or being Secretary on the National Exec, this time I'm Activities coordinator for Witan 2020! Having joined SSAGO in 2014, Witan will be my final event but this means that it will benefit from my experience and enthusiasm, to ensure that it is a trip to remember for everyone!

After enjoying the previous Witan in 2016, I've always wished to see the next happen and continue the tradition! Having managed to succesfully organise a trip to KISC for Southampton SSAGO in July 2017, I was keen to take on the challenge of organising Witan - this trip will be similar but certainly on a larger scale!

Now working as a land surveyor, one activity is sure to be looking out for 'survey nails' - If you don't know what they are now, you will do before the end of Witan!

Witan Mascot


Taking his name from the location of the first ever Witan, at Youlbury in Oxfordshire, our Mascot rose out of the ashes to join us on our adventure to Switzerland!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact