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Who's who?

Reuben - Chair

Hello! I’m Reuben your Witan Chair and I’m really excited to be taking SSAGO to Germany in 2024. It's fair to say I've been in SSAGO for quite a while - most notably as National Publicity Officer 2019-2021, Once Upon a Ball Treasurer and Keele SSAGO Committee 2016-2019. I chaired a Keele SSAGO trip to Burg Rieneck in 2019 and had such a good time I wanted to take SSAGO back!

As Chair, my role is to make Witan run smoothly and make it the best one yet, and I'm really looking forward to making it happen with my amazing team.

If you want to contact me you can find me on social media, or send me an email at:

Jude - Secretary

Hello! I’m Jude, I was the token student before Emily joined the team! I’m the Witan Secretary, I’ll be perfecting my minutes skills and making sure everyone else does their jobs too.

My 3 years in SSAGO have been spent on BUSAG Committee, with a stint also organising WomBall in the middle. Once known as ‘that keen fresher’, I am now ‘that keen 4th year’ - a physics masters once felt like a good idea.

If you want to contact me directly, email me at

Simon - Treasurer

Hi, I’m Simon, your Witan Treasurer, and I’m committed to making sure that we can get as much fun as possible out of the budget, while keeping the books in check. I’m really looking forward to working with some amazing people to make Witan happen.

I’ve been in SSAGO since 2019, and have loved every minute of it, having been involved with the DUGS Committee. I also helped with Once Upon a Ball.

If you want to contact me directly you can fling me an email at:

Cesca - Logistics

Hi! I’m Cesca and as the Head of Logistics, my job is to make sure that everybody is where they need to be, and things are in the right place.

I got a late start to SSAGO in 2021, but I’ve jumped into the deep end by getting involved with DUGS, Once Upon a Ball and now Witan. I can’t wait to get to Germany and make this amazing adventure happen.

If you need to contact me you can message me on social media, or email:

Georgina - Activities

Hi, I’m Georgina! I’ve been in SSAGO since I started at Keele Univeristy in 2017 and I am now an associate member. I’ve been in Indie for the past few years and was Chair for Once Upon a Ball. I’m really excited to make sure that everybody can have fun at Witan.

I’m quite elusive so can only be contacted by emailing:

Emily - Event Liaison

Hi, I'm Emily! I will be working with the team to make sure that all members have the best possible time on Witan!

I have been in SSAGO since I started at university in 2020. I have spent 2 years on BUSAG committee and was also part of the organising team for Midlands Freshers camp 2022

If you want to contact me email the team at:

PfAU - Our German Friends

To truly make Witan international, we’ve teamed up with PfAU. PfAU, Pfadfinden in Ausbildung und an Universitäten, is the German equivalent of SSAGO and some of their members are helping organise Witan 2024. With their help, we’ll be able to make the most out of our time in Germany and create the best trip we can.

They’ll also be joining us during the trip, with many opportunities for spending time with and getting to know other German students in Scouting and Guiding. You can learn more about PfAU here.

Pal the Peacock - Mascot


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