Payment Schedule

We wanted to ensure that Witan is the best it can be for both SSAGO and its members. As such we have developed a payment plan to ensure that Witan is financially accessible for as many members as possible, as well as being able to meet the costs of running our exciting international trip. The full cost of Witan is £700.

You may have noticed that we have split our booking into 2 phases. This allows us to meet our own payment requirements as well as including any new SSAGO members in 2023. Both phases will be open to any person who was a member of SSAGO during, or after, the 2022 AGM (February).

Phase A will open 1st January 2023 and close 12th March 2023, and will be open for 60 places.

Phase B will open in November 2023, but will be open 2 weeks earlier for new SSAGO members who have joined since Phase A closed.

We are doing this to allow freshers the opportunity to book onto Witan before all the places fill up. Because new SSAGO members will be prioritised for the limited spaces we will have left later in 2023 in Phase B, we strongly recommend all existing SSAGO members book on during Phase A.

All those who have booked on during Phase A will be able to attend the Witan Warm Up camp in summer 2023 at a small additional cost. More information will be available in due course.

   Date Phase A Phase B
   1st January 2023 - 31st March 2023 £250  
Witan Warm Up Summer Camp 2023
    By 30th November 2023  £200  
    1st - 30th November 2023
First 2 weeks open for new SSAGO members only
   By 31st January 2024 £125 £250
   By 30th April 2024 £125 £250


The table above shows the payments schedule for both booking phases. We’ve planned the booking phases to be in line with student loan payments to make it the easiest we can for students with limited incomes.

You are able to pay amounts towards your total Witan booking ahead of the date on the table above. For example, you can pay the entirety of your Witan booking at any time. 

If you have any problems or queries you can always contact


If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact