Here you can find frequently asked questions about Witan 2024 and their answers.

When is Witan 2024?

Witan will be taking place on 31st August- 8th September 2024. Although this is a bit later than previous Witans, it avoids graduations, the German exam season and most Scout and Guide events. 

How much will Witan 2024 cost?

Witan will cost £700 for SSAGO members looking to travel from the UK. 

How long is Witan?

Witan will be a week long.

Who can come to Witan?

Anyone who is or has been a SSAGO member from the 2022 AGM to when bookings close will be eligible for a place on Witan.

What is PfAU?

PfAU is the German equivalent of SSAGO, an organisation of students from Scouting and Guiding in Germany.

What role is PfAU having in Witan 2024?

We will be jointly organising and running the event with PfAU. We're sharing our knowledge of running SSAGO and SSAGO events with PfAU, who are a younger organisation, while PfAU are helping us get the most out of Germany and making German bookings easier!

Will I need a passport to book on to Witan?

Yes, when booking on you will need a valid passport. Due to current delays in the processing of passport applications in the UK, it can take up to 3 months to receive a new passport. If you do not currently have a passport, and would like to book onto Witan when bookings open, we recommend looking into getting a passport very soon.

1/1/23 Update: We no longer need to collect passport information at the Phase A booking process but expect this to be collected during Phase B booking in November.

How many people will be there?

Well this one is tricky! Last Witan had around 120 people book on, but this one we're inviting our German friends as well. We may have to limit bookings to make sure we have a nice split of SSAGO/PfAU members going.

I can't speak German, will I be okay?

Yes! Why not have a go at learning some anyway!

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.